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24" preschool mat

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24" Preschool Mat


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Confrom to ASTM 963, EN-71 Standard
Product made of closed cell foam, non toxic and pass ASTM fire code.
Lightweight, waterproof, easy to clean and assemble.
Each square 24"x24"x9/16"(14mm), 20 tiles per box, cover 80 S.F. 40pcs of foam edge included
Mat's Density: 30-35
Color: MIXED(red, yellow, blue, green), PINK, BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, ORANGE.
Connectable with: CYAL1214-UP, CYAL1214-LO, CYALNU-CBO, CYNU1214, CYAN1214.

24" Preschool Floor Mats are made from a non-toxic, non-oder EVA foam. Each mat has a cross texture surface for anti-slip purpose. You will find these mats to be very lightweight and comfortable. Each set contains 20 tiles of 24"x24"x9/16"(14mm) . Great for preschooler, children playroom, etc.

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